Self-introduction | Artist SanDragon

Artist SanDragon(1988-)

Japanese painter, and... versatile craftsman.

His history begins in the early 2000s when the Internet began to popularize rapidly in households.
Along with the beginning of a turbulent era due to the development of new technologies, it is a generation who spent his school days with intense conflicts between existing values ​​and new values.

Having spent a period of time when people's values ​​and culture changed drastically from the 21st century , It has the following influence.
During the 2008 Lehman shock, I witnessed a society that was devastated overnight while cycling through a distance of 33 kilometers one way to the university, I felt dreadfully that the era is constantly changing drastically, always changing the times It is a pillar of production to incorporate flexibly.
My art work is both conservative and avant-garde.
I repaired a broken personal computer I bought cheaply in the Internet auction, repaired a bicycle for school trips, and became dexterous from using it.
It is based on the third expression of the middle way between conservative and innovative, taking advantage of the versatility that gradually grew among himself while living in a hard lived while being tossed by the times.