Things I noticed about Internet-dependent society

Currently, my Internet environment is canceling internet line, and it covers all the net environment by just smartphone designing.
Internet comfort is worse than optical line, but it is very cheap, Internet can be used everywhere, monthly expenses are kept cheap.
At one point, I forgot to bring my smartphone to my working room and I got home, so I could not use the Internet at home only one day.
As you may have noticed, the Internet is that you can instantly get your favorite information in large quantities.
At first sight, it is a convenient world, it seems inconvenient to forget smartphone, but I was made aware of many things.
To some extent, human beings are living beings who have to read letters and touch information.
In the same way that human beings eat and get nutrition, it means that if you read sentences and do not accumulate knowledge you can not live.
I have no choice, so I read newspapers and books.
Although it is not very interesting, it looks different from usual.
Even with the content that would normally be overlooked, I could carefully examine the sentences, imagine, guess, and think.
The Internet can touch only my favorite information, but I could also see the expression of people in the pictures in the newspaper and the intention of expressing fine sentences that tend to be overlooked in the internet dependent society.
The environment in which it is easy to get only a lot of my favorite information makes me realize the danger of biasing thought rather.
Sometimes I tried blocking information, I felt it necessary to look back and refine my sharpness.
Although the talk changes, the first solo exhibition has also ended, and various projects at the beginning of the fiscal year have also settled down, so we will continue to emphasize gradually as much as possible for the next prospect of San Dragon.
For the time being, we will complete the large-scale renovation and multilingualization of the homepage.
May 7, 2018  SanDragon



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