Art cooperation

I'm sorry, this service is available only in Japan.


SanDragon personally lends out paintings free of charge in accordance with the picture when you need a picture to shoot a TV program, movie, drama, magazine, event, etc.
If you would like to use paintings for taking pictures of TV or drama, please do not hesitate to contact us after confirming the following.


1. Posting on credit
2. Provide photographs of shooting backgrounds using rented paintings and introduce paintings on media such as blogs.
3. Posting of photos provided on this website and introduction of actual results.
※ Please confirm the availability of the photograph and publication, beforehand whether the credit can be issued.
* Conditions may be changed, so please check each time.

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In order to make response smoothly, sorry to inconvenience but please fill out the following form with inquiry form after inquiries.

1. Company name :
2. Name of person in charge:
3. Contact:
4. Inquiry contents (purpose of use, rental period, broadcast date, etc.):
5. Desired picture (rent list number):

The contact form is here.

Steps of Art Cooperation

(Confirmation of conditions, rent out period ...)

Mailing of borrowed letters and contracts

Loan agreement is established with return of borrowed letter and contract document

Dispatch of paintings

Use for shooting etc.

Returning paintings

Photo provision and introduction

It is over with this.


Please do not hesitate to contact us even if the use etc. is uncertain.
If you can not keep false application or terms, you may be asked to refuse lending depending on conditions such as return status.
In the unlikely event that it is lost or stolen, please bear the cost of the item.

※ We will respond to your convenience and demand as flexibly as possible, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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