Announcement of a solo exhibition

I will inform you that we will hold the first solo exhibition in Itoshima city Fukuoka prefecture this time.

Due date location

From February 27th to March 4th, 2018.
The place of the solo exhibition will be Ito Cultural Center and Ito Regional Art Museum

Itoshima Regional Museum of Art


Fukuoka Tenjin Station → Meinohama Station → 10 minutes on foot from Chikuzen Maebaru Station

Information on solo exhibitions


Thank you for your numerous visits and support.
I was able to finish a solo exhibit successfully.
I am grateful.

I got a cute flower.
Thank you very much.

The state of the exhibition

February 27 (first solo exhibition)

From February 27, the first solo exhibition of Itoshima started.
In preparation for the venue, I decided to do my best by preparing alone in the absence of an assistant.
The venue was set up in about three and a half hours.
A gentle management grandfather helped me.
The solo number of solo exhibitions was three people who did not include parents, the number of mobilization that was the same as that of the nationwide tour that the TM network did for the first time.
Because of the budget and time, I could not afford to put effort into attracting customers.
We will continue to take forward as a future issue.

February 28 (2nd solo exhibition)

It was raining with the spring storm.

March 4 (last day of solo exhibition)

It was a very warm weather and a blessed day.
Therefore, many people came to see the last day of the solo exhibition.

About Itoshima

Although it is a serpent, Itoshima city was born by municipal merger of 2009, it is said to be a city where abundant ingredients such as rich nature and fresh seafood and agricultural products are abundant and livable.

It is said that there are many people who wish to migrate to Itoshima from all over the country also because access is good as it is only 30 minutes by car from the center of Fukuoka city, such as a beautiful coastline is a representative tourist destination of Itoshima We will.
Although it is such Itoshima City, I am willing to do a solo exhibition by borrowing Itoshima Regional Art Museum which is the facility of the city this time.

Humbly, thank you.